The Great Core's Paradox 2: A LitRPG Adventure

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The Great Core's Paradox 2: A LitRPG Adventure

The Great Core's Paradox 2: A LitRPG Adventure

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I needed that comfort, after our deadly first encounter. The thought of it still made my scale-flesh tremble. I think it likely always would. Instead, I coiled into myself, chewing the tip of my tail. I rested in the light of the Great Core. I prayed. I begged for forgiveness. Characters are also interesting but again slow progression of the story means there is not a whole lot to say about it and a fair bit of the 'view' is obviously from the snake who has no clue about humans so character interactions are so far fairly basic but promising and I expect it to keep being interesting in the future if/when they begin to interact a bit more easily.

Simply amazing. I waited until I caught up with the last chapter. Usually, I review at chapter 10, but this story gripped me and wouldn't let me go. Ok, here is the review: Her enormous set of fangs pierced through my scales; the sensation was heavily numbed by the infant Aridae’s slow-venom. I was thankful to the Great Core for that mercy, as I could see my lifeblood beginning to pool around me as if to challenge the beauty of the nearby mana-water. For our revenge, I would do it again. I did do it again; again and again, I sunk my own fangs into my scale-flesh, until the venom hurt no longer. The Great Core had gifted me the ability to do so; it would be unthinkable to ignore its will.


In the next moment, I broke free - but not from the threads that had bound me. I broke free of my own scale-flesh, leaving a tiny snake-shaped bundle on the ground. The Great Core had blessed me in a way that made the sacred fast-spots and slow-spots seem pointlessly weak. But I had a problem with his blind faith towards "the Great Core" right from the start and that became ludicrous once he "protected" it by eating it. So the "Great Core" literally doesn't exist but it is still his every devotion and every thought and the source of his great determination. I don't like seeing people being duped and it is only made worse when they're doing it to themselves. The Great Core must have known, though, that the ability was for another time. It must have known that [The Endless Cycle] would protect me.

I waited by the shore, salivating at the thought of what was to come. It took a great many hours, but proved more than worth the wait. Not to mention that the snake cannot get any information on the monsters he is going to fight with a skill like identification before the fight begins. It feels like most common trope skills in lit RPG stories are not there. Which makes the story less about leveling and interacting with the system, but more on how the snake interacts with his new human buddies. I would not forget - and if I had to, I would cause myself to suffer even further, should it let me achieve our revenge against the Aridae. That, too, would be added to the things that it had done. It had caused this.


Sting] sparked in my mouth, just a little more powerful than before. I found myself idly chomping at the air, enjoying the pleasant spark, while my puppets freed the next bad-thing. With no more Tanglestings to consume, I had been forced to move on to the next-largest grouping of bad-things. They were sleek and thin, with a design that I almost admired. While underwater, they flitted about at high speeds, ambushing their prey and fleeing from the larger bad-things that preyed on them . Their scales, eyes, and teeth all held the blue of mana-water. Perfect predators of the deep were it not for their small size, almost invisible in the mana-water’s currents. I wriggled slightly. It wasn’t much; my length barely jostled, my bindings hardly moved. It was a start. A thought-hiss kept my spore-puppets from staring; I didn’t know how long their eyes could suffer through the radiance. Already, I had been forced to remove the effects of [Ambusher’s Vision] on myself, flexing the tiny muscles around my eyes that controlled it. The light was bright, vibrant, and unforgiving.

The Aridae had pulled me into a vast network of shimmering white threads, stringing across the distance between massive stone-spikes. The threads twisted together, forming themselves into great bridges, easily allowing the giant bulk of the Aridae to travel across. I imagined that even I, without the many legs of the Aridae, might be able to slither across their lengths. This book just takes my breath away, a whole book written from a Snakes POV. How amazing is that? I ask you?!? And it's a very small snek, with a humongous amount of confidence in both the Great Core and in it's own ability, as is fitting for a dungeon boss named Paradox Ouroboros. A boss who can control destiny and thus honor the Great Core. So with his pet hooman adventure team, they set out for adventure. The humans of course have their own notions of what's goin on, but they all realize that their chances of survival has dramatically increased with the "tame" dungeon monster's help!the plot is good, certainly one of the better things about this book, I really liked it. it follows without much guidance from the author, it has alot of depth to it, and it's honestly just entertaining.

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