King of Spies, Volume 1

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King of Spies, Volume 1

King of Spies, Volume 1

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Written by Millar with art by Matteo Scalera, King of Spies is the latest offering from Image Comics and Millarworld, Mark Millar’s creator-owned publisher that was purchased by Netflix in 2017.

After Silva’s unauthorized hacking of the Chinese government during Hong Kong’s transition of sovereignty put MI6 in a spot of diplomatic difficulty, M allows the Chinese to capture her rogue agent in exchange for six other British prisoners. I have another Millar graphic novel on my to-read pile and I am convinced I will see the same shortcomings there as I see here; the only question will be the degree of their severity. This is a reflective book that holds a mirror up to the very same brutal alpha male characters that Millar has made a name for himself writing about, and gives the reader pause to reflect on them, and just what they actually have done to make the world a better place.For years, he has indulged in debauchery and decadence, serving the higher powers while looking the other way, sparing not an ounce of thought for the greater good. It only lost 1 star because I felt the ending was a bit abrupt and the overall story/series could've actually used maybe two more issues to make the narrative pace feel a bit less rushed. The visuals in King of Spies offer a closer look at the action, which is the cornerstone of the book, breaking perspectives in wide splash pages and adding motion blur to the panels for a sense of rush. Published by Image Comics, King of Spies TPB collects all four issues of the miniseries, each more maniacal than the previous. When the dust settles on a risibly OTT action scene, we see the British superstyled secret agent concerned, who turns out to be someone who could have walked out of the Kingsman series, via Ennis' The Boys.

Just clone Mateo Scalera, who must be the greatest artist in comics today, have his army of clones draw the whole thing and you would be diving into a pool of money, Scrooge McDuck style. S. officials to predict the outbreak of the Korean War and whose espionage activities had a profound impact on the course of the war. Matteo Scalera’s artwork is tip-top and high-octane, capturing action scenes with special energy and style.King of Spies invests in the validity of King's anger far more than Skyfall did with Silva, depicting him as a hero on a righteous quest. Millar and Netflix are keeping the identity of the artist hidden in the dossier, but the book will be published by Image Comics. In a flashback, the spy jumps otf a skyscraper, slams into the roof of a car, and then hops up as if he merely stepped off a curb. Pick this up if you like Mark Millar books or anything James Bond related, and skip if you are anyone else.

Sometimes a book so nasty and nihilistic comes along that you may be repulsed, and wonder just how the hell it ever saw the light of day past the proverbial drawing board . We’re really, really excited about this and will release the name of the stellar comic-book artist we’ve hired a little down the line. Mark has been an Executive Producer on all his movie adaptations and is currently creative consultant to Fox Studios on their Marvel slate of movies. The artwork of Matteo Scalera and Giovanna Niro is one of the foremost reasons for the book's cinematic impression, where even the most brutal moments have an artistic fervor to them.One of the highlights of the issue is when he gets fed up with a group of loudmouthed Russian businessmen at his club and follows them into the bathroom where he quickly takes them down in a cathartic release of all his frustrations. So listen up, all the presidents and kings, all you crooks on your thrones - you're going to pay for wasting my life like this. At the same time I really enjoyed his run through Marvel’s Ultimate universe, with a few notable exceptions (see above). An aging James Bond type is dying from a terminal illness, and in his bitterness he decides to pull the people he used to work for into the grave with him.

We also get some nice POV panels when one of Roland’s old Toff mates is describing how smart piss works. It was a relentless pity party and when the protagonist wasn’t spending his time endlessly whining about past choices he couldn’t change, he was pinning all the blame on others for his own choices that he consciously made. A perfect opportunity to fix the broken world he has helped create, if not a final chance to redeem his soul, Roland King embarks on a journey to cleanse the world of evil. After being diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor, and seeing the state of the world, King realizes that all his work wasn’t to improve the system, it was to maintain it, and that system has sold out the many for the benefit of the few.

While its protagonist may look noticeably like former James BondPierce Brosnan, Mark Millar’s King of Spies flips that franchise's formula on its head by making its hero a lethally disaffected former agent far more in the mold of Skyfall's Raoul Silva. There are some really ALMOST moments where you could see it could have had an effective emotional hit but it zips by in such a hurry that there's little to stick. The plot is, of course, nonsense, but the art and pure wackiness more than make up for any gaps in logical storytelling.

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