LEGO Technic Space Shuttle 8480

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LEGO Technic Space Shuttle 8480

LEGO Technic Space Shuttle 8480

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Most Lego sets are suited to play with from age 4 and up, because of the small parts they include. The special Duplo theme is suited for children aged 1,5 and up. The recommended age is always mentioned on the box. I've added another gif to the Build section, which shows the FOS system working in the Space Shuttle. Gear Shifters So, I must have built this set at least 50 times. And this is the first time I spot a mistake in the instructions. The hinges shown in the picture are not in the parts-section of this step (23), but in the next. The front and rear gears are connected to one another through a large sub-assembly that runs the entire length of the hull. Pushing into the rear of the Shuttle will cause the landing gear to retract with a beautifully smooth motion. It may have been one of the hardest things to get right, but the designers can be proud of the finished result.

Classic Review: 8480-1 - Technic Space Shuttle - Rebrickable

Never had the space shuttle, i wonder if i could build it without the micro motor (my brother has that one), FOS and correct colours. Engino also offers the London Eye in this range with a motorized engine. It's pricier but it looks suitably captivating for fans of London tourist locations. Lego is launching a new set that is out of this world: the space shuttle Discovery and the Hubble Space Telescope.

These two sub-assemblies connect at a slight angle, which is achieved in a rather unique way. Hinge plates are used at one end, but in the middle a 2×3 plate with hole connects to a 1×2 jumper plate. This allows for the angle of the 2×3 plate with hole to be adjusted, facilitating its attachment to the main assembly at an offset angle. Thanks for this heartfelt review, which brought me to buy this set when I found a good used bargain (I had been considering the 8480 for a while). After the build I spent some time thinking about reasons for the extraordinary appeal of this set even among today's Technic flagship models. In essence, I think it is its combination of simplicity in shape and complexity in function: NOTE: This review was written before the release of the 10283-1 NASA Discovery Space Shuttle. Contents: Introduction

LEGO Inventory for 8480-1 Space Shuttle | Brickset LEGO Inventory for 8480-1 Space Shuttle | Brickset

As a passionate technic fan I want to like newer stuff and their newer better designs but I can't help loving this set. It has more functions than some of the biggest new technic sets (42125 I'm looking at you) and it looks as food as you could get display wise at the time.

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Besides being the largest set I've ever built at the time, there were a couple of other things in this set that were a first for me. FOS In excess of 1,500 additional pieces means the designers have been able to include even more accurate detailing and authenticity than ever before, but it wasn’t easy – as the interview with LEGO designer Milan Madge contained within the manual attests to. Several design features of the Shuttle proved to be a real headache, such as the retractable landing gear, and the interview does a great job in explaining how the design team overcame these hurdles, as well as building anticipation for the model to come.

NASA Space Shuttle Discovery - LEGO

It's hard to believe there once was a time, where we didn't have gear shifters. These are now so common-place in the Technic universe, that many sets wouldn't be possible without them. The Space Shuttle is the 2nd set to feature this system, after the 8880-1 Technic Super Car (next Classic Review?).To announce the launch, Lego enlisted the help of astronaut Kathy Sullivan, a member of the crew of NASA’s STS-31 mission, which launched the Hubble Telescope on April 25, 1990. The Hubble Space Telescope A collaboration between NASA and the European Space Agency, Hubble has captured images from over 5,000 galaxies, many as far as 13.2 billion light years away. It's mostly very enjoyable to assemble, despite those app quibbles. It's only really the end sequence that becomes frustrating, but it's worth it when you're so close to the finish line. If you're a big space fan, you'll particularly appreciate this. However, anyone who fancies something different from the usual Lego way of doing things will like what's here. Other sets to consider Lego filmed an exclusive interview with Sullivan as she explained her experience in space along with showing a completed Lego model.

LEGO Inventory for 10283-1 NASA Space Shuttle Discovery LEGO Inventory for 10283-1 NASA Space Shuttle Discovery

Imagining how the crew felt flying into the unknown was the most joyful part of the build for set designer Milan Madge. Specifically with the tiny blue seats that carried 5 human beings away from their home planet on a mission that allowed us to discover parts of the universe never seen before. This set. This one. This is the single greatest set LEGO has ever released! What can I say. It just has everything. Especially great personal memories, what might play a role in naming this the best set ever. The sheer accuracy of the model makes recreating this magnificent mission a great way to take off into the world of space travel from the comfort of your own home. The set comes with functional landing gear and a set of payload bay doors that, thanks to gravity, open and close with a joyously satisfying sound. The arm is build, and the controls of the motors are installed. I'm always a bit anxious if I gave the wire enough room to attach the satellite later on. It's tight, but it's long enough. Another option is letting both clutch gears activate the same drivetrain. Using different sized gears behind the clutch gear, you can create a gearbox, driving the drivetrain in different speeds, while the source stays the same speed. This system is utilized in the 8880-1 Technic Super Car. You can also activate the same drivetrain, but in a different direction. I don't know when this was used first, but I have seen it in the 42042-1 Crawler Crane and 42082-1 Rough Terrain Crane in recent sets. There are probably more.In fact, it’s such a wonderful design that had the LEGO Group decided to release this separately, it would no doubt garner huge praise. As it is, this is just a small part of this set, and the fact there is a gigantic Space Shuttle to build next makes for a very exciting prospect. The focus is clearly on the functions and outline of the shape. The signature contours are combined with only hatched areas (wings, ribbed hatches), no panels in this time. NASA Space Shuttle Discovery is certainly impressive – there’s no doubt about that. Both models look incredible with a high level of accuracy and authenticity, and it’s clear the designers have a lot of love for this subject material as both have been incredibly faithfully recreated. Having the option to display the smaller Hubble attached to or alongside the larger Discovery adds another layer to the display, and both have an air of importance to them thanks to the display stands and information plaques. A new star in the LEGO® NASA galaxy Add the new Space Shuttle Discovery to your LEGO® space collection. The set contains 1366 parts and 10 spares, in 8 colors, and 28 part categories, with a total of 183 unique parts/color combinations.

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