The Beginning After the End, Vol. 1 (The Beginning After the End (Comic))

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The Beginning After the End, Vol. 1 (The Beginning After the End (Comic))

The Beginning After the End, Vol. 1 (The Beginning After the End (Comic))

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Ongoing The Beginning After The End is an epic fantasy story written by TurtleMe. The novel is on Tapas where it is updated weekly. It is currently available in English. There is also a webcomic adaptation which can also be found on Tapas.

The whole magic system seems to be based on some sort of videogame-like blueprint and I really didn't need to read so much about the mechanics of it in such a short time. Tags: read The beginning after the end Vol.1 Ch.7 english, The beginning after the end Vol.1 Ch.7 raw manga, The beginning after the end Vol.1 Ch.7 online, The beginning after the end Vol.1 Ch.7 chap, The beginning after the end Vol.1 Ch.7 chapter, The beginning after the end Vol.1 Ch.7 high quality, The beginning after the end Vol.1 Ch.7 manga scan This is an interesting premise, very well written. King Grey dies and is reborn fully cognizant of his past life. His new world includes a family full of love and support and that's something he has never had before. And the magic is close enough to what he is familiar with that he becomes a magical prodigy at age three. Which might have tipped us into a power fantasy (and that's still part of the story, actually), but what really grabbed me is how poignant it is for Art to cherish his family so much because it is more valuable than anything he had as king. Much of the story reads like it is for children as nearly every character seems childish, especially in comparison to the young Arthur with an adult intellect. The story primarily is just about Arthur being unprecedentedly awesome while Arthur expects more of himself. I can't even follow the whole Beast Tamer deal partly because I don't care but mostly I think because it's stupid. Also he has a pet dragon now. (No that's not what I meant about being a beast tamer the name doesn't make sense at all for what it seems to do)

Early Years is an ok book. I'm not sure I would continue the series if I didn't already have book 2. A friend had recommended this to me AGES ago and after reading the manga, I proceeded to Hoover this down because I NEEDED to know what happened next. I love that while the MC IS powerful, he isn’t OTT powerful. Those older than him with more experience can and do overpower him, but he LEARNS from these interactions and he strives to better himself so he can protect those he loves AND he trains those he loves to be able to defend themselves. I love it! Absolutely amazing and that cliffhanger! I need to read the light novel now, I want the rest of the story! This is not the first time I'm reading this particular theme (reborn in a fantasy world with all memories and skills from previous life, as a baby), but man, this is well executed! I had a lot of fun reading this book, and I am very much looking forward to the rest of the series (currently waiting to get my hands on the audio format of book three).

As the years pass, Arthur becomes more and more comfortable in this world, positioning himself as a young but respected figure. However, deja-vu strikes as a war brews between Dicathen and the Vritra, a clan of banished deities now ruling over a faraway continent. Arthur must rise as a leader, despite his fear of becoming the war-hardened monster he once was in his past life. As the war rages on, Arthur discovers that he was not reborn to this world by chance… nor was he the only one. [1] The Beginning after the End 4: Vollfarbige Webtoon-Adaption - basiert auf dem erfolgreichen Roman von Tapas! The humor is pervasive but didn’t resonate with me, that might be another reason I struggled to enjoy this. This might get better when the protagonist's body grows up, maybe I’ll give it another chance in the future. No longer a skilled and intelligent ruler, Arthur struggles to keep up with his infant body—an enjoyable aspect of this first volume where we witness both the challenges and joys of Arthur adjusting to his new life. Learning how to crawl becomes a humbling experience, but overcoming that challenge brings more satisfaction than when he conquered enemies as a fearsome king. Meanwhile, his father’s roughhousing is scarier than the battlefield since Arthur is only a foot tall. It’s also a lot of fun to see his brilliant and complex thoughts often misunderstood by his parents. But the most important of Arthur’s lessons comes in the form of learning about this world of magic—an intriguing system that is just as fascinating to the reader as it is to Arthur. The story on itself is fine. It does not look like it is going to be the most original ever or the characters are going to be specially bright by themselves. Not great, nor terrible, but I just cannot go over how poor the quality is. Except for the paper, the parer is quite nice. The problem is what you print on it I guess.Das hört sich theoretisch ziemlich cool an, aber Art findet es so gar nicht gut, dass er nun ein Kleinkind ist und seinen Eltern bedingungslos ausgeliefert ist. Der Geist einen Erwachsenen im Körper eines Säuglings, nicht unbedingt die Traumvorstellung für einen ehemaligen König. Aber Art ist ehrgeizig und arbeitet hart an sich.

The emotions that the author is trying to make the reader feels were on point, it's something hard to explain but having strong feeling of anger toward characters or feeling relieved enough for me to sigh deeply, i felt connected to the protagonist enough and supporting characters to put myself in their positions without even trying to.

The Beginning After the End

It is a land filled with magic, dangerous beasts roaming the land, professional Adventurers, elves, and so much more. Although one of the weaknesses of this story was that it was rather info dumpy when it came to explaining things in the world (especially the magic system), I feel like book 1 only brushed the surface of what this world will eventually contain and that excites me! Mother! I’m about to begin my journey to become the greatest mage in the world! Do not make me out to be a constipated infant!” King Grey has unrivaled strength, wealth, and prestige in a world governed by martial ability. However, solitude lingers closely behind those with great power. Beneath the glamorous exterior of a powerful king lurks the shell of man, devoid of purpose and will. First of all, I'm not even into Isekai novels in general. So I started this one with much reluctance and in the end, I'm so glad I did.

Zu der Geschichte kann ich noch nicht viel sagen, da wir erst ausführlich in die Welt und das Magiesystem eingeführt wurden und jede Menge Charaktere kennengelernt haben. Die Story ist dabei noch nicht so weit vorangeschritten. Aber ich bin gespannt, was uns noch erwartet und hoffe, dass Band 2 etwas dynamischer wird. and Tess. I do hope sometimes the author developed Lukas Wykes into a becoming more intelligent sub villain, so that it was much satisfying to see his suffering. In comparison, Tess has a great premise in the start with her having an elf ancestry and royal lineage. Despite that, her character become seemly more immature further in the book like how every intelligent woman goes dumb when they fall in love. She have gone under several situations and I expected her to learn from it nonetheless it just fueled her to prove that she is strong seemingly just want dive through without considering the current situations. Though I think its because family sheltered her and she never realizes the gravity of the situation. For the main character, just like how I said earlier, the author repeat the same scenario and it just shows how the main character developed in terms of strength but his attitude almost stays the same. This book I have read in first 4 hours (bye-bye, my sleep, the dream world of this series is much more attractive).If you are not used to these styles, this book will be very difficult to read and come off as amateurish and low quality. If you are used to it, the reading will go smoothly and you'll find yourself laughing at the humor quite easily. Read this first in manhwa version, and the usual I finished reading all updated chapters and waited for another update then I forgot happened. Encountering this again on my recommendation list, and read until latest update, realizing in the later parts that I already read this. Losing my patient to wait for another update, I decided to read the book. I've heard about the series for a while, but I was reluctant to dive into it at the regular cost on Audible. In the current Audible sale, all of the other books are at a good discount. I decided to buy #1-2 for a credit, give it a listen and decide if I'll use the sale to get the rest of the series.

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